NHT 200


What do you do when most of your riding is in the urban environment but you occasionally want to take the road less travelled away from civilisation and simply lose yourself in the beauty of the South African countryside? Simple, you take a long, hard look at the Sym NHT 200.

Think of it as a mini adventure bike, with all the comfort and go-anywhere practicality that name implies.

A rugged steel frame, punchy 183cc single-cylinder engine, tall suspension with 140mm of travel, spoked wheels fitted with dual-purpose tyres, disc brakes front and rear, engine protection bars and full LED lighting provide the perfect platform for you to express yourself wherever you choose to ride.



In a world where adventure bikes are getting ever larger and more technologically complicated, the Sym NHT 200 is proof that smaller can be better.

*Price subject to change without notice, colours subject to availability, the models and colours may differ from those in the pictures.

Available colours: Black, Blue or Red